Officeless way of work
Autonomous way of life

Welcome to Obecto’s
Dev Cooperative

The Obecto community began as a handful of developers, seeking to find a balance between work and personal life, and enjoy both of them. We joined forces to build a digital cooperative, allowing us to do just that. Work on projects we love and be rewarded for our effort without being stuck in an office.

Officeless way of work

Remote work opportunities

You will no longer be bound to a desk from 9 to 17, have regulated breaks, generate profit for a person you don’t know or skip a vacation because you did not book your holidays with the HR.

Choice of projects

With a stream of projects (both internal and external) you can choose when and which ones to join. We believe that people are most productive when they are excited by the project they work on.

Join with your team

We are a cooperative of many teams and every member of the cooperative is assigned to a team. If you already have a bunch of friends you enjoy coding with, it’s most natural to join all together.

Balance your life

You already know what a fulfilling life means to you. All that’s left is the means to secure it. Having a place to find work you’ll enjoy while not sacrificing your personal life is a step closer in that direction.

Be rewarded for contributing

It is hard to be invested in a project where your efforts are not recognized. That is why we have a bonus system based on the project’s success and one’s contribution to it.

Cooperation and Mentoring

We all want to become masters of our craft. But one does rarely get there on their own. We support each other on the road to true engineering mastery. You can be mentored by people with 20 years of experience in many technologies.

Autonomous way of life

What our members are happy about

Working with the cooperative and leading projects for 5+ years has been an incredible opportunity for technical and personal development in a multitude of domains, skill sets, and technologies.


Dariel Kremov
Software Engineer


Ever since I joining Obecto, I have been amazed by the flexibility of work time, location, and interests, allowing me to pursue projects I am passionate about, both within and outside the cooperative. In a sense, it is a job, but actually it is so much more than that. Obecto is not a box that people have to fit inside, but a box that people can build upon and reach higher.

Bozhidar Marinov

Software Engineer

Me and my team have been working with Obecto since 2016. Since then we have worked on several of their projects and we are really happy about our partnership. I personally have learned a lot about software development and team management from them, especially from their CEO Todor Kolev, during these years and I am really grateful about it. I am glad we can work together.

Alexander Krustev

Software Engineer

Obecto’s Youth Program

Obecto’s core team fell in love with programming and started competing at a very young age. We recognize the value of nurturing that passion and partner with several organizations to help young talent develop their full potential.

Radostin Cholakov

Radostin is a 10th grade student, recognized as “one of the brightest talents in the Bulgarian programming industry”. He has more than 6 years of experience in coding and has won many prizes and honours in mathematics and IT, some of which are Laureate of the Bulgarian national olympiad in IT, Presidential Award "John Atanasoff" for exceptional results in National IT Competitions. He is also a winner in multiple contests organized by companies such as Github, Axosoft, and even Google.

Founder of the NLP platform AzBuki.ML which aims to help Bulgarian businesses integrate machine learning solutions in their products. Because of his product, he was included in Forbes “30 under 30”. Аs part of the Obecto youth program Radostin managed to improve his grasp on machine learning research, such as time series forecasting attention-based deep neural networks. He has also been mentored for SRS 21 and Student Conference 22 of HSSIMI.

Nikola Staykov

Nikola is currently a student at the Technical University of Munich. While studying at the Sofia High School of Mathematics, he has developed projects in the field of mathematics and informatics and won prizes and awards from conferences and expos for youth science. Some of them include the conferences organized by HSSIMI, a project of the Bulgarian Academy of Science, and Innofair. He was one of the two chosen to represent Bulgaria in the 2020 edition of RSI, a summer student program hosted by MIT.

As part of the Obecto youth program Nikola had the opportunity to work in a team of professionals and gained knowledge in the fields of machine learning and software engineering.

Hristo Stefanov

Hristo has graduated from the Sofia High School of Mathematics. There he has acquired a lot of experience with mathematics and in his free time he has worked on his Informatics skills, mostly in the field of machine learning. He is another member of the youth program that has attended the Summer Research School organized by HSSIMI. There he has gained some experience in the research sphere of Informatics.

As part of the Obecto youth program Hristo has gained a lot of experience in working on a commercial project and in software engineering as a whole. Another key experience he has taken away is the opportunity to work with a team of inspired professionals on a big machine learning project.


Bulgarian Academy of Sciences National High-School of Mathematics and Sciences High-school Institute of Mathematics and Informatics