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14 years contributing to the cutting edge of software development and technology

In a world of exponentially growing technology, software development needs to be democratized to allow more innovative ideas to become a reality. We are here to deliver solid expertise and mature processes in a straightforward and affordable manner.

Todor Kolev

Founder and CEO of Obecto


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Work with network of people, not employees

Among Obecto’s biggest assets is its diverse talent. Depending on the project specifics we pull the right people for the job from our dev network. Furthermore, our team members choose to work on a project rather than being told. This guarantees they would be excited to reach the best possible outcome of each project.

Teams incentivized for the success of your project

In Obecto each team member is guaranteed a monetary reward proportional to their work contribution and the success of a project. This incentivizes our talent to be personally invested in the quality of the work they do.

Exclusive leasing payment options

In the early stage of your product, you would like to further develop it while reducing costs. With our leasing payment terms, you pay just a fraction of your project’s cost during its development. The rest is due only when you start making money!

Innovation in action

Featured Success Stories

Octopus Energy Germany – Mobile first retail energy provider

Octopus Energy Germany, launched in 2017 as 4hundred, professes to be Germany’s first digital-first energy provider, and supplies renewable power to the German citizens. Using our Leasing Deal we supported the energy provider of the future along the way to become a unicorn start-up.


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