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Introducing Perper


Disruptive Innovation
in Software Development

Data-intensive use cases became an essential part of almost every modern application and software development companies struggle to incorporate typical data orchestration platforms without significantly decreasing the productivity of their engineering teams. Perper is an orchestration framework built for productivity that can both accommodate data-intensive use cases alongside complex business logic, using modern reactive architecture.

Simple framework for
complex software

Developer productivity

Rely on the idiomatic constructs in C#, Kotlin, Python and JavaScript for building and working with asynchronous streams, combined with convention over configuration for eliminating boilerplate code.

Limitless applications

Agents, the building blocks of Perper application, can be anything – from a console to web application; without any constraints to the project structure or the granularity of the deployment unit – from monolith down to nanoservice level.

Ecosystem integration

Perper is built on top of leading open source technologies – Kubernetes and Apache Ignite – crafted to nicely fit in their respective ecosystems and roadmaps enabling seamless integration with other projects like KEDA, Prometheus and others.

Big Data / ML Pipelines
Nanoservices / Serverless
CQRS / Event Sourcing
Message Processing
Virtual Actors / Reactive Streams

Stream-based, horizontally scalable
framework for asynchronous data processing


Designed for serverless computing as a primary deployment model with out of the box integration with KEDA and Azure Functions.

Horizontally Scalable

Agents have an externalised state, enabling event-driven horizontal scalability of the computation with externally managed flow-control.

Reactive Systems

Built-in support for all reactive programming patterns using the idiomatic reactive constructs for the language.

Stream Based

Asynchronous streams as first class citizens and default mechanism for communication within and between agents.


Built-in horizontal scalability depending on the load of the system with built-in publish from code support using Tekton pipelines.

Industry Grade

Built on top of battle tested, production grade technologies – Kubernetes and Apache Ignite, with core components implemented in Kotlin.

Innovating on Perper

Accelerating the adoption of Blockchain and AI

AI and blockchain technologies are known as the main driving entities behind today’s innovation. Jointly, both technologies have the potential of becoming the infrastructure of the modern data economy and are predicted to contribute millions of capital investments to the global economy.

Obecto currently is applying AI and blockchain technologies in disruptive business models for our clients, as well as in our own internal projects.

Innovating in Blockchain


Consensus Network for Autonomous Agents

Apocryph is a next-generation blockchain network based on a Multi-Agent Systems paradigm. Unlike the smart contracts in traditional blockchains, agents can be proactive and initiate transactions, not only validate them.


Build Decentralized Autonomous Organizations

Wetonomy is a framework for defining autonomous organizations as code and executing them on the Apocryph network. It can be used for the establishment of digital companies, running bonus systems and even self-govern local communities.

Innovating in
Artifical Intelligence


Decentralized computing power for Automated ML

ScyNet is a framework for engaging and rewarding independent computer nodes that cooperate in solving a particular computational problem with the main focus on automated creation of Machine Learning models.


Machine Learning Trading Platform

Hatchery is a trading platform and end-to-end Machine Learning pipeline for processing data and making trades, currently targeting crypto markets. It is designed to be able to be fully automatic in creating and evaluating its own models.

Innovating with Obecto

Building cutting edge and innovative software solutions is not only our expertise, but also passion. Explore what makes collaborating with Obecto truely unique.

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Always one foot
in to the future

In a world where blockchain is the emerging new global infrastructure, we saw potential to innovate not only in software but in the way we do business as well. That is why Obecto was the initial force, helping to establisht the Comrade Cooperative. A member-owned organization of software engineers and innovators, which is based on transparency, meritocracy, and democratic self-governance. If you are interested to know more visit

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