Privacy Policy

While the information below might seem somewhat boring we advise you to go through it. It applies to the website under the domain, a property of Obecto Ltd. Through it, we try to answer common questions about our privacy policy, site cookies and how we use that information.

Do you use cookies?

Yes. Cookies are small file which sites, like our own, send to your hard disc via your web browser (if your browser settings allow for it). They allow sites to recognize when someone is visiting and in some cases store data about the interactions during those visits. Our site uses the following cookies:

  • Google analytics – this tool allows us to gather anonymous data about how, when and how much is the site used. This way we could make informed decisions on how people use the service and how we could potentially improve it for any future site visitors.
  • Google adwords and remarketing – we use adwords to deliver information about our services to people who would find it relevant in their google searches. The google remarketing code allows to anonymously keep track of people who previously expressed interest in our services.
  • Facebook pixel – much like adwords remarketing this pixel makes it possible for us to optimize our marketing spending through the facebook platform. Through it, we can deliver new information to customers who have expressed interest in certain aspect of our services.
  • Twitter pixel – this is Twitter’s solution to anonymously record instances of past visits to a website. We use it to optimize when advertising on Twitter in order to reach people who have spent time on our website in the past.
  • Mouseflow – this is a tool allowing site owners to gather anonymous data on how the content of their site is used by generating heat maps of most commonly used site elements. It also makes an anonymous recording of a user session. We use this information to optimize the experience on our website as well as improve the flow of the information we present.

All of the above tools provide information based on anonymous user sessions and browser settings and do NOT rely on information related to someone’s identity. Obecto gathers personal data such as email and names only through its project request online form to keep a record of past clients and relationships. These records are NOT kept indefinitely by the service providers or Obecto. The duration varies across the services and can reach up to a year.

  • Site Modals – this site functionality delivers targeted message to a site visitor who is using the website in a certain manner. It uses a cookie in order not to deliver the same message to people who have already seen it and found it not relevant. This way we can avoid bad user experience for our site visitors.
Do you send personal data to third party sites or services?

Obecto does not sell, transfer or send any personal data, leading to one’s identity to any entity outside of our company. Exceptions can be made for authorized government representatives under the procedures described by the law.

Links to third party sites

Sometimes in our blog articles, there could be a link leading outside of our domain to a third party site. These sites have their own privacy policies and regulations. As a site visitor, you understand that Obecto has no control over these policies and can not be held responsible for their practices. Still, we try to maintain the high quality of the content we provide and rely on your feedback in regards to the quality of these third party links and the sites they lead to.

Your consent

By using the website you agree and understand the information presented on this page. If you have any doubts, questions or feedback in regards to it please send it to us at [email protected]

Date: 01.08.2016