If you are reading this, you’re probably looking for some software development done in the pool of your local dev agencies, sea of outsourcings companies and ocean of IT freelancers. Being a modern, rational human being you’ve done the Google research for the possible options. Somewhere along your research, an article in a respected media like TechCrunch might have popped, saying something about the future of software development and a platform called Gigster. Getting hyped that it might be the right solution for you? You should be:

  • Google class developers – check
  • Lower project cost – check
  • Product manager to supervise the process – check
  • Access to UI and UX designers – check

So, what are you waiting for?!

The way of the future

No, TechCrunch did not get it wrong. We at Obecto also believe that the software development is headed for a brighter future. One that makes it accessible and within the reach of more and more people. From our long years of experience, we know first hand the hurdles entrepreneurs have to go through to make their visions a reality. We are convinced that software development MUST NOT be one of these hurdles. The fact that two companies, worlds apart, offer a whole new approach to software development is an indicator of itself that a new future for the software industry is coming. In it, a platform checking all of the aforementioned considerations is THE way to go and Obecto does it outstandingly as well. What is Obecto’s twist then and why is it worth checking out we will be covering in details below.

Gig vs. Partnership

When you are developing a product you will definitely prefer to know who is going to handle your investment. AI and matching algorithms to find your development team is all fine (we do it too), but some of the human touch feels kind of lost along the way. You would work with Google class developers either way, but with Gigster you are not allowed to connect with them.

We believe that having the option to connect to your developers and work directly with them is very important. We’ll match you to a team that is professionally interested in your project specifics and will be emotionally invested in its success. At Obecto we know that you love your project and because of this we see it as a much more than a business transaction.

Also, as every leader of a company would tell you, working with a well synced and battle hardened team is crucial to the success of a project. That’s why it is our philosophy, when a software project demands a team, to match it to one that already exists rather that “stitch it” all together from random parts upon demand. Obecto is a large developer community (a cooperative if you will) sharing common values and true passion for innovation. We also work closely with numerous cooperatives of stellar development teams in Bulgaria (see “Why Bulgaria” below). Each team being full-stack with many projects under their belt. They’ve worked together for years and are in most cases best friends who love software engineering.

If you want to have a dedicated product manager as a single point of contact with your team, that’s fine too. Obecto will dedicate a top notch professional to your project to handle it from start to finish.

Still, if VCs look closely into the chemistry of a team before investing in it, shouldn’t you too?

Planning vs. Strategy

From the standpoint view of the developers and the project managers, it’s sufficient to complete a project word by word from its specifications and feel they’ve done well. And in most cases they would have. But there is a catch. Since they are not stakeholders in a project they spend more time translating specifications into code, rather than asking themselves if that is what the client actually needs for his/hers business to be successful.

Finding a tech co-founder (CTO) is one way to go, since it would be his/hers concern to add value and scalability to your project through tech solutions, workarounds and best practices. All that, given you are comfortable losing some equity in the process, of course. That is where “Tech partner as a Service” really shines. With Obecto you don’t just get the troops of a software department. You get the general masterminds who have the experience and the vision to add deep tech value to your project and guide you to victory. What’s more, with Obecto’s pricing model you know that your army is invested in fighting your battles right beside you.

Fixed price vs. Software development leasing

As we covered in details in one of our success stories, having a real product to show makes a startup appealing to investors. On the other hand, having more founders on the cap table makes it less so. With Obecto you have both these problems solved. With our leasing model you pay only a small fraction of the cost of your project during its development. The other part (the Leasing fee) is only due when you start generating real revenue. Basically, Obecto takes a risk with your project betting on your future success. Thus, your team on Obecto’s side is fully invested in your success, while you are not giving away equity to buy their investment. Ultimately you would pay for your software product the price you normally would, if you are profitable, but lessen the risk of your initial investment. Not to mention you got yourself a world class IT team to utilize in the process.

As to which service, Gigster or Obecto, will ultimately cost you less, we leave for you to decide. Our pricing is absolutely transparent. For a precise estimate and free technology consultancy, please send us a project description.

Why Bulgaria?

It would be hard to stay unbiased here since we at Obecto are based in Bulgaria. So don’t take our word for it. Here is what FT had to say about Bulgaria’s IT industry. After all Bulgaria’s tradition in IT engineering can be traced as far back as the first electronic digital computer. Actually, in this context it is quite normal to expect from Bulgaria to compete in the future of software development.


gigster vs obecto


Any questions left unanswered we’d be happy to discuss. And if you have any feedback or constructive criticism over either services, don’t hesitate to get in touch.