Remote work opportunity for
Senior .NET Full Stack Developer

The project we invite you to join

Our client Octopus Energy is revolutionizing the energy retail market for the mass consumer. Over the past 3 years, through a technology we are developing together they've managed to deliver the lowest cost electricity on the German market. Inspired by Fintech and the success of pure digital offers in other markets, we together are on a mission to provide the best digital customer experience in the energy industry.

You will be part of a team with huge ambitions to disrupt this sector and make Octopus Energy the defacto standard for the German energy market. 

The Role

We are looking for a talented, passionate individual with demonstrable technical capabilities who has an eye for attention to detail. Someone who is obsessive about the code they produce adhering to SOLID engineering principles. You will work in a collaborative agile environment and have excellent verbal communication skills with the confidence to partake in dev calls where you will be expected to contribute to the overall discussion.

The Stack

Our server-side platform is built around Microsoft and .NET technologies. We use Service Fabric hosted on Azure to drive our microservices architecture and internally use a service bus as the transport layer as well as a distributed transaction coordinator. Our data persistence approach is polyglot and consists of traditional RDB’s alongside reliable storage (a distributed key value pair storage system). On the client-side we use Angular, NgRX and SASS. Experience with Python, Django and AWS will also be useful for some of the integrations we are making.

What you'll do...

  • Immerse yourself in the service fabric – how it works and the various microservices
  • Deliver clean code
  • Be a champion of mocking and unit testing
  • Contribute to the architectural decisions
  • Mentor and manage less experienced members of the team
  • Work within a geographically diverse environment
  • Work with non-technical stakeholders within the business to understand and refine complex requirements
  • Handling multiple, competing priorities in a fast-paced environment

What you'll need to have...

  • 5+ years of solid industry experience in .NET/C#
  • Commercial experience using Python
  • In depth understanding of design patterns, when they are important and how to apply them
  • An abundance of self-discipline is an absolute must
  • A passion for refactoring (both in terms of code and architecture)
  • Past experience and ideas that can help improve our platform and processes
  • Experience across a number of technologies
  • Ability to work effectively both autonomously and as part of larger team
  • Extensive knowledge and experience of software engineering practices such as CI/CD/TDD, instrumentation and telemetry

What you'll get

  • Flexible working conditions
  • A supportive, challenging and agile environment
  • The opportunity to travel and work with an international, highly engaged team
  • A competitive remuneration
  • The opportunity to work across a variety of technologies
  • Work across multiple domains within both businesses
  • Support in learning and development

The benefits we know you will enjoy

As being part of a digital cooperative:

  • We maintain a structure governed by transparency, in which decisions are taken with solid arguments and the voice of the team;
  • As an organization we are closer to a tech community than a hierarchical corporate structure.

As being part of a tech expert community:

  • Solving complex problems as a team is what we love most;
  • The Obecto developers pride themselves on excellent practical knowledge of Software Design Patterns, OOP concepts and SOLID principles;
  • As tech lovers we stay on top of the latest technological developments and share the knowledge gathered;
  • Currently our community is paying special attention to the latest advancement in the realm of blockchain, AI and Deep Learning;

You will be a part of a dream team


Dariel Kremov

Team Lead

Part of the project since: 2016   

Bio:  Dariel has been doing software development professionally and competitively for the past 10+ years. Passionate about solving problems with technology. 

Worth mentionig:  Mentor at Google Summer of Code & Google Code-In 2015-2017; Grand Prize Winner Google Code-In 2014

 #Full Stack        #AI       #Blockchain


Lyuben Kikov

Software developer

Part of the project since: 2017 

Bio: Lyuben has been a professional developer for 6 years. He's been focusing on the .NET platform and creating enterprise applications using Angular framework. Graduated as a philosopher, his passion as a developer is oriented to AI, ML & IoT

Worth mentionig:  Leads various courses of .NET and Angular at Plovdiv University “Paisii Hilendarski”

 #Azure Cloud        #Microservices 


Petromil Pavlov

Software developer

Part of the project since: 2018

Bio: Petromil has been a professional developer for 5 years. He has worked on projects of all sizes. Likes the challenge and doesn't believe in work life balance.

Worth mentionig:  Studied at SofiaTechnical University

 #Azure Cloud        #Microservices        #Python        #Full Stack 


Adrian Apostolov

Software developer

Part of the project since: 2019

Bio: Adrian has been a professional developer for 5 years. He's been focusing on .NET platform and creating enterprise applications with cutting edge technology

Worth mentionig:  Former professional basketball player

 #Full Stack        #Microservices 

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About Obecto

Obecto is a digital cooperative of driven software developers, experienced tech experts, and committed product managers, who have left the outsourcing, corporate structures in order to pursue our true passion – building innovative tech products and creating an impact.

We began as a handful of developers, seeking to find balance between work and personal life, and enjoy both of them. We joined forces to build our digital cooperative, allowing us to do just that. Work on projects we love, be rewarded for our effort and not being stuck in an office all the time.

Today everything in Obecto is driven by the passion to create amazing technology and solve complex problems. Now we extend an invitation for other like-minded, tech-loving developers to join our cooperative and work alongside us.

Deeper look into Obecto:

The beliefs we share


You already know what a fulfilling life means to you. All that's left is the means to secure it. Having a place to find work you'll enjoy while not sacrificing your personal life is a step closer in that direction.


In many organizations, why someone gets promoted, might be more a function of charm, rather than achievements. That's why we embrace an organizational system based on reason which values knowledge and skill.


We all want to become masters of our craft. But one does rarely get there on their own. Our cooperative members know this and support each other on their road to true engineering mastery.


Monthly income is based on your experience level and tracked hours. In order to objectively determine one's skill level, an adaptation of the Dreyfus model of skill acquisition is applied. The minimum level required according to the scale is "Competent", which is the intermediate level. Your experience level determines your hourly rate.


Minimum of 2 years real-life software dev experience.

You have to feel confident in troubleshooting and solving problems on your own. You should be proactive in taking tasks and your work should be based on deliberate planning and past experience.


Minimum of 4 years real-life software dev experience.

You are expected to seek and apply best practices, striving for optimizations and improvement in your work. You need to see the big picture, always seeking to understand the larger conceptual framework around the problem you solve.


Minimum of 7 years real-life software dev experience.

You are expected to be among the primary sources of knowledge within the team. You should have a vast body of experience that you can intuitively tap into and apply just in the right context.

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