Obecto’s Developers Cooperative

Enjoy the freedom to work on what you want, when you want from where you want!

The beliefs we share


You already know what a fulfilling life means to you. All that’s left is the means to secure it. Having a place to find work you’ll enjoy while not sacrificing your personal life is a step closer in that direction.


In many organizations, why someone gets promoted, might be more a function of charm, rather than achievements. That’s why we embrace an organizational system based on reason which values knowledge and skill.


We all want to become masters of our craft. But one does rarely get there on their own. Our cooperative members know this and support each other on their road to true engineering mastery.

Our members

Why join the cooperative

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    Remote work

    We are based in the CowOrKing Space on blvd. Cherni Vruh 47, Sofia where you are welcome to drop by and work anytime. Still, where you perform your coding magic from is up to you.

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    Choose your projects

    With constant stream of projects (both internal and external) you have plenty of choice what to work on.

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    Management support

    Obecto’s product managers will handle the business side of a project so you can concentrate on what you are good at.

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    Join with your team

    We are a cooperative of many teams and every member of the cooperative is assigned to a team. If you are already have a bunch of friends you enjoy coding with, it’s most natural to join all together.

Balance your life

You will no longer be bound to a desk from 9 to 17, have regulated breaks, generate profit for a person you don’t know or skip a vacation because you did not book your holidays with the HR. All the cooperative requires from you is a minimum of 80 hours monthly spent on projects. How you spend the rest is entirely up to you.

Join the startup world

Few jobs feel as rewarding as working on a startup. You get to be an integral part of a highly motivated, goal-oriented team. Your daily contribution is crucial to the success of the whole venture. Not to mention such environment motivates you to stay on the cutting edge of your craft.

Obecto will offer you plenty of opportunities to work on startup projects. And who knows, maybe you will even join one as a co-founder!


You can apply if you can work with any of these technologies and the more you know the better

Angular JS
Node JS
Microsoft .NET


Monthly income is based on your experience level and tracked hours. In order to objectively determine one’s skill level, an adaptation of the Dreyfus model of skill acquisition is applied. The minimum level required according to the scale is “Competent”, which is the intermediate level. Your experience level determines your hourly rate.


Minimum of 2 years real-life software dev experience.

You have to feel confident in troubleshooting and solving problems on your own. You should be proactive in taking tasks and your work should be based on deliberate planning and past experience.

up to

3 780 BGN

net monthly income for
160 hours on client projects


Minimum of 4 years real-life software dev experience.

You are expected to seek and apply best practices, striving for optimizations and improvement in your work. You need to see the big picture, always seeking to understand the larger conceptual framework around the problem you solve.

up to

5 260 BGN

net monthly income for
160 hours on client projects


Minimum of 7 years real-life software dev experience.

You are expected to be among the primary sources of knowledge within the team. You should have a vast body of experience that you can intuitively tap into and apply just in the right context.

up to

6 440 BGN

net monthly income for
160 hours on client projects

Bonus System

each member of the cooperative is entitled to additional bonuses based on the profitability of the cooperative

of profits made by internal projects
of the Obecto cooperative
of profits made by projects developed
under a leasing deal

Guaranteed work

1200 – 2000 BGN when working on Obecto internal projects with additional 2200 BGN from the bonus pool.


What makes you different from any outsourcing company?

Quite a lot really. We’d like to think of ourselves as the force disrupting the traditional software company. For instance, you wouldn’t be bound to a desk in an office, with a limited choice of work hours and projects to work on. There wouldn’t be a heavy corporate structure to navigate, but rather a fellowship of professionals with a true dedication to their craft willing to support you.

Would I have a secured salary?

We can guarantee a constant flow of projects to work on and when there are not enough client project we utilize your time with internal ones. The remuneration for all members corresponds to the amount of man-hours spent on a project within the cooperative. Plus all bonuses earned, of course.

What if I decide to stop working on a project?

You are not bound to a specific project. Of course, if you decide to move to another project you would have to make everything possible to ease the transition while another team member continues where you left off.

Can I work on my startup?

We encourage you to do so! Our mission is to enable more innovation happening in the world and there is nothing more exciting than seeing our cooperative members starting their own ventures. You will have all our support in that!

Can I work another job in the same time?

Yes, you can. We require our members to be able to spent at least 80 hours a month on cooperative tasks. This allows people working in traditional companies to make a smooth transition – you can keep your current job on half-time, while slowly transiting to the cooperative distributing your minimum 80 hours of work during the course of the month.

Ready to Join?